As If I Needed Another Reason!

The day after Memorial Day, I went to Walmart to buy flowers for the cemetery for next year. I only put live flowers on my mother’s grave and buy artificial ones for the other graves we decorate. I always buy the artificial flowers after the holiday and put them in the basement. I do the same thing after Christmas.

At Walmart I loaded 13 arrangements in my cart and took them to the check-out.

I don’t like it because Walmart has short belts and no dividers at their check-outs. (I see that as a deliberate strategy to screw us!) I always demand that the clerk allow me to place everything on the belt prior to the start of totaling so that I can watch the tally. Walmart makes many errors. (I see that as deliberate, also!)

The first arrangement rang up at the regular price. I stopped the clerk and asked her if the flowers were marked down; she called somebody else (not a Manager) who said that they weren’t marked down. I asked for the Manager. The Assistant Manager came and said they weren’t marked down. I said, “Then I don’t want them.” Leaving the flowers on the belt, the cart beside the belt, and with several people lined up behind me, I walked out.

As I’ve written before, I DO have the Walmart District Manager’s number on Speed Dial, and I called to ask if this was a local policy or company-wide! When he told me that the flowers were not considered “seasonal”, I told him that they were last year and that I was going to K-Mart! I called K-Mart and yes, I’m going to spend the money on gas to go to Chillicothe, because the flowers are so damned expensive, and even with the cost of gas, I will still save money. THANK YOU, K-Mart!

Les said that Walmart probably has my picture posted in the corporate office! He also said that I am petty and childish, but, he knows me so well!

NOTE: Spell Check corrects the spelling of Walmart; I checked the spelling of Walmart and although it was formerly Wal-Mart, the hyphen is no longer used.

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Stacey Austin Merritt
Stacey Austin Merritt

If there actually were as many Christians in America as people who claim they are, then Wal-mart would not exist today for a wide variety of reasons.