How Ironic is This?

Consider this scenario; a man (stranger) moves into nearby town and makes a name for himself.  The town abandons fire station and moves it into double-wide building while a new fire station is being built. The town moves into new station and sells double-wide at a loss, creating controversy among citizens. The man purchases old abandoned fire station and other major pieces of property in the town. The man eventually runs for mayor of town and is elected. Following election he becomes embroiled in controversy involving town’s budget and the cost of maintaining fire protection for the community and surrounding townships. New mayor (the man) proposes the town’s fire department be merged with that of a rival fire district and all hell breaks out. Several neighboring townships abandon contracts with town and sign with rival neighbor creating even more money problems for town and controversy for mayor. Neighboring fire district, now having to provide protection to new  township members needs location to house additional personnel and equipment that would be central to newly acquired townships. Question is whether to build or rent? The mayor, who many wrote off as a comedian but does own old fire house, rents old fire house to rival fire district. Now the town is an island unto itself, surrounded by townships who are protected by rival fire district and who has a Trojan Horse (old fire station) sitting in its center. If this were to unfold as described, how ironic would it be?

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