There’s Bacon and then There’s BACON!

I’ve been watching a PBS series called The Mind of a Chef featuring renowned chef, David Chang, and narrated by Anthony Bourdain. A recent episode focused on one of my favorite foods, pork, and included a visit to a Tennessee smokehouse ran by a family named Benton.

The Bentons specialize in hickory smoked country hams and bacon, which chef Chang claimed to be the finest in the world. Coincidentally Benton’s bacon was referenced on another foodie program and again received rave reviews.

Since my wife and I rarely exchange gifts at Christmas I decided to order some of the “world’s best bacon” from Benton’s for our holiday brunches. Benton’s has a website and the minimum order for bacon is four one-pound packages. The shipping was pretty high making the final price about $10 a pound.

Ours arrived via UPS the day before Thanksgiving. Each pound was vacuum packed with instructions to store in the fridge or freeze for later use. Next morning I opened a package and the kitchen instantly filled with the pleasant aroma of real hickory smoke. The bacon is very lean and thickly sliced. The enclosed instructions say to cook slowly and not overcook. I took their word for it and we enjoyed several pieces with eggs, whole grain toast, fig preserves, and real orange juice. Truly something to be thankful for.

I told my wife this was supposed to be the world’s best bacon and after several bites we both agreed, it is. Benton’s bacon is pricey but we all need to treat ourselves nice on occasion. This is a great way to do it.

You can visit Benton’s website by clicking HERE.

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