Bonnie Raitt at Her Best

Bonnie Raitt with StratocasterI’ve never been a great fan of Bonnie Raitt but there have been moments when her talent just couldn’t be surpassed. The first experience of this was in a duet she performed with legendary blues man, John Lee Hooker. Together they performed Hooker’s song, I’m in the Mood. There was a connection and passion between them that simply left me wondering what would have happened on that stage had Hooker been a younger man.

Recently I came across a video of Raitt and Jerry Portnoy doing Love Me Like a Man. It’s not as passionate as with John Lee but I did notice two things of note. First, while her trusty Fender Stratocaster wasn’t far away, it’s the only time I’ve seen Raitt perform on any other type of guitar. Secondly, it’s the only time I’ve seen her play guitar without a slide.

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  1. LOVE Bonnie Raitt! I appreciate all she’s done to help the old artists who were cheated out of their rightful credit and income! One of my favorite stories: she socked Elvis Costello in the jaw when he made a racist comment!

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