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larry photo for blogI  belong to a foodie group on Facebook that has its roots in Greenfield. Because of the six four degrees of separation phenomena, however, the group has come to include food loving people from all over. One of the “friends of a friend” is Rachel Ziesk, who lives in Connecticut and is a certified master gardener. She has begun a blog dealing with organic gardening and while there is no part of me that wants to manhandle a tiller or chop weeds with a hoe, I know many of this site’s visitors love to grow their own veggies.

So, you may want to bookmark Rachel’s blog address and take advantage of what information and advice she makes available.  Click HERE for the blog.

2 thoughts on “Gardening with Rachel, A New Blog”

  1. While I have yet to see a tiller with power steering, although I have seen snow blowers with it, there are, these days, quite a few that require very little manhandling, BTW, just in case that fear alone was holding you back from having a glorious garden.

    As you become more and more a food aficionado, even to the point of being a guest cook at various places, a next logical progression is to begin growing some of your own herbs, spices and vegetables. There are tillers, power-driven ones that only require manhandling when it’s time to turn around and go the other way; someone, some manufacturer, that is, needs to come up with one with power steering; I mean, man, if snow blowers can have it and their drive trains are so similar, why not?

    1. Stacey, while I love to cook I equally hate gardening. Making it worse, where I live there isn’t an inch of dirt that gets enough direct sunlight during the day to grow sun loving plants. That’s why I strongly support my Mennonite produce market.

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