Notes on Ageing; The Morning Routine

larry photo for blogMy morning routine varies depending on what I have for breakfast. Frequently it involves making a cup of coffee into which I add a couple of packets of sweetener and two teaspoons of powdered creamer. I also frequently have a small bowl of raisin bran or hot oatmeal to which I add two packets of sweetener and a little 1% milk. On more than one occasion I’ve put all four sweeteners and the powered creamer on top of my cereal.

Now, if I were truly old I would be sufficiently frugal enough to go ahead and eat it. But, as a testament to my relative youthfulness, I just call myself a name, shrug my shoulders, say “shit happens”, smile, put it out for the cats and critters, and begin anew.

5 thoughts on “Notes on Ageing; The Morning Routine”

    1. I understand, Dave, I think, except I have just one question:

      If you can’t handle liquor anymore, why don’t you simply wear gloves?

  1. Dave, in New Orleans where all the bars (well, many of them) are open twenty-four hours a day and everybody (well, almost everybody) smokes, many people have a Bloody Mary and a cigarette for breakfast, though some have an Irish Coffee and a cigarette.

  2. My breakfast is a cup of coffee and a cigarette, Twice. i never EAT anything when I get up except when I’m on a vacation, which seldom ever happens. Of course my morning doesn’t start until about noon. People ask why I don’t get up early and my answer, is always WHY?

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