Two Excellent Brews

larry photo for blogI’ve tried a lot of brews from Samuel Adams and never really liked them. A friend told me that their porter was pretty good but I’ve never been able to find it. Recently, however, I came across a six-pack of their cream stout and it has changed my view of Sam’s brews. I’m a third of the way through the six-pack and decided it is definitely worth keeping around. It pours dark with a very creamy head, and just gets better as the glass empties. The alcohol rating is 4.9% so one could enjoy a second one without losing too many brain cells.

The other find is from Harrisburg, PA’s Troegs Brewery. This craft brewer makes a nice sounding variety but after having an expensive German double bock I was attracted to Troegs’ Troegenator double bock and a more affordable price. This too pours dark with a nice head. I find it very creamy, smooth, and hard to stop at one. The alcohol content is 8.2% so one should proceed with caution.

The website BeerAdvocate rates Sam’s as “world class” and Troegs’ as “excellent.” Don’t know what the difference is but to me they both rate an excellent.

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  1. I had discovered Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer some time ago, possibly even before my recent walking journeys began. In Montana I learned that they also have beer, generally found in the craft brew section, and that their beer is nicely decent and often less expensive than the other craft brews. — just a FYI, BTW

    I’ve been in bars that used to have it on tap, but not yet in one that presently has it on tap, hoping to come across some before long.

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