Greenfield brewery followup

Larry 'n NassauSeveral weeks ago I wrote a piece about utilizing local sources, business opportunities, etc. One item I mentioned was someone making use of our quality water supply and the availability of locally produced grains and entering into the brewing or distilling business.

Since that time I’ve been contacted by a couple of people hinting they have an interest in investigating the subject a little deeper. Someone in local government also spoke to me about the idea and thinks that possibly the quality of our water supply is something that could/should be used to possibly attract potential makers of adult beverages.

So, there seems to be the seed of an idea and I now have a small list of those who are potentially interested in putting up some time and money and digging deeper. I have not identified these people to each other because I’m not sure the time is right. But, if you’d like your name added to the list send me an email ( and I’ll do so. Possibly someday a group of investors will emerge from this and a smoke stack will arise into the skyline of Greenfield.

By the way, one question was asked about what it may cost to start a brewery. I don’t have a clue other than to say that the one currently being built in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine area has $1.2 million in backing. But, I think a “small batch” brewery could be built for far less than that.

On the same subject, I may have mentioned the possibility of a local farmer investigating the growing of hops for brewers in our region. This past Saturday a friend told me of some home brew being made using locally grown hops so maybe the weather and soil conditions in our area are suitable for it.

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