Maybe one answer is in the water

Larry 'n NassauIn talking with a member of the village government the subject of Greenfield being right for a brewery came up. It was he who mentioned it and he especially emphasized the quality of the village’s water supply.

When Dr. Richard Sapienza first came to Greenfield one of the enterprises he hoped to develop was a water bottling business selling to restaurants and others in the Columbus area. Sapienza also spoke of growing a variety of herbs for the extraction of essential oils. Both of these ideas would require an abundant supply of excellent quality water and Sapienza said Greenfield’s had just what’s needed.

For whatever reasons Dr. Rich’s plans didn’t work out but that still leaves both the ideas and the water supply sitting out there for someone to take advantage of. And don’t forget, if any of this makes you wealthy, you owe me a six-pack of high-dollar beer.

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Stacey Austin Merritt
Stacey Austin Merritt

How long as Greenfield been known for having good water? I ask because this is the first I’ve heard of it. On the other hand, I’ve heard Greenfield’s water criticized for coming out of Paint Creek.