Notes on ageing: Getting it backwards

Larry 'n NassauWhen Bill Clinton was in the White House a young woman asked him if he preferred boxers or briefs?  I’m not sure how he answered but I’ll choose a comfortable pair of cotton briefs every time.

Briefs, if you don’t know have a slightly askew flap in front that opens from left to right. Yesterday, after showering, I put on a clean pair of briefs and went about my day. Several hours, and a big mug of coffee later, nature rang me up and suggested I make a very quick run to the bathroom. I stood over the commode, quickly unzipped my pant front, reached in to open the flap, and couldn’t find the damned opening. I’m digging all around, knowing I was about to wet myself, and finally figured out I had put my briefs on inside out and the flap was to the left rather than to the right.

I’ve probably never done this before and maybe I should be a little concerned that I could fail to notice something so simple. But, like so often I just wrote it off as yet another of those senior moments.

In fact, if you ever had a sense of humor and time hasn’t robbed you of it, these things can be entertaining and I’m kind of looking forward to the next one.

One thought on “Notes on ageing: Getting it backwards”

  1. I’m wondering if you have not discovered Boxer Briefs, as I find them quite a bit better than either boxers, which I cannot stand, or briefs.

    Several years ago, when I participated in more online surveys, I was chosen to participate in a underwear survey for Gold Toe. They added about $10 to my account for filing out a questionnaire. I was approved for a trial, and a follow-up survey for another $15, I think. They asked me if I wanted to try Boxers, Briefs or Boxer Briefs; of course I chose the latter. They sent me two pair. Ten days later I got the follow-up survey and completed it. (I also got to keep the Boxer Briefs, which were the best I’ve ever had. I am wearing one as I type. The other was lost in the New Orleans fiasco shared in my journal on Facebook.)

    The purpose of the survey was to help them determine whether to expand into the underwear business. I was supposed to keep it confidential, but considering what I wrote below, I doubt if that is any longer important. (Besides I’m talking 5 or 6 years ago, minimally.)

    BTW, the last time I was in Ohio, in 2011, I noticed that Gold Toe Boxer Briefs are available in the Gold Toe outlet near, I think, Truck Stop 35. (There, Gold Toe’s investment on/in me was not wasted – I just gave them a good, and deserving, advertisement.)

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