They’re just giving this stuff away

Larry 'n NassauWe’ve all been witness to the cost of new technology and what happens to the price once the public embraces it. Back in the 70s a friend purchased a new four-function digital adding machine and was trilled to get it for only $500. Today we all have a scientific calculator as a part of our smart phones and four-function calculators are given away ala cheap advertising ball point pens.

The same thing has happened in so many areas of technology and especially in the computer business. When I began building PCs in the late 80s my cheapest would sell for over $2000 and compared with today’s $400 computer, it was a toy.

I can recall when a simple black/white laser printer cost $1000 and a dot-matrix $300. Several years ago I purchased a nice Samsung monochrome laser for less than $60, including shipping, and have since seen them on sale for even less. This morning I received an email advertising a Canon all-in-one, wireless, color laser printer for $169.99 including shipping. Even though I have no need for one I told my wife I was going to buy one just to say I paid so little.

She’s still scornfully staring at me!

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