Notes on Ageing: Old Ears, New Sounds

Larry 'n NassauOur old washing machine finally gave up the ghost and we decided to buy a new one and not have it repaired. Our daughter had the same experience recently and found out that the repair was going to cost over $400 plus a $95 service call.

So, I went shopping and found a suitable replacement. Paid the bill, set up a delivery date, and planned my schedule to be home for the delivery truck’s arrival. That morning the phone rang and I was told that the model I purchased wasn’t in stock, the salesperson had made an error. Stating that I needed a washer immediately the seller agreed to a higher priced, high-technology, model for the same amount of money. I agreed and later in the day delivery and installation was completed.

At first all the newness seemed a little daunting but after using it a couple of times it is actually simpler to use than our old model. But what’s going to take some time adjusting to is all the new sounds that come out of our laundry room. There are clicks and beeps that just didn’t happen while doing a load of socks before. One of those clicks is the lid automatically locking. Why does the lid have to lock?

Well, it might have to do with a newfangled way of beating the dirt out of clothing. Instead of an agitator that slaps back and forth this new washer, I think, surges the clothing up and down with water pressure. I can’t really tell what’s going on inside because the damned lid is locked. Maybe that’s why they’re putting glass lids on the higher priced models, so you can see just what the hell is going on.

Unlike the cat I can live with being curious about the internal functions of this machine. What may take some time, however, is getting used to all these new sounds. Especially, the sound made by the surging action during the wash cycle. Instead of the familiar slosh, slosh of the agitator we now have a very disturbing and alien whoosh, whoosh making us ill at ease while trying to watch the Lawrence Welk Show.

That’s another thing, why do you start watching Lawrence Welk when you get old?

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