The bots are lurking

Larry 'n NassauI recently installed a new statistics gathering plugin on this site and it provides lots more detail about who is visiting and from where they are located. I had similar software working behind the scenes several years ago and I was always amazed at the worldwide distribution of my readership.

The software I was using then didn’t show what kinds of hits I was receiving. I couldn’t tell if there was an actual person behind the hit or if it was a spider or bot (robot) searching for information or a weakness in my security. The Internet is overrun with such things and some of them provide necessary functions, such as providing search engines, such as Google, with the necessary information needed to stay current. Others have a far more nefarious purpose such as providing hackers and scammers with security weaknesses or email addresses to spam.

My new software differentiates between bots and people and I’m getting hits from Russia and a number of Eastern European countries. From what I’ve heard and read a lot of the world’s hackers are located in these areas and my software is supporting those claims. The majority of those hits are coming from bots and I’m guessing they aren’t Google simply checking to see what today’s CGS topic is about.

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