You got the rumors, we got the answers

In case you’re not aware of the rumors floating around town here’s a recap:

  • The Elliot Hotel and Rosie’s have been purchased and scheduled for demolition.
  • Alley 21 in Hillsboro is planning to build a bowling alley in Greenfield.
  • Rancher’s Roast Beef is planning to open a store in Greenfield.
  • A new surplus/salvage food store has opened in town.
  • The Subway is relocating to the vacant lot where Farmer’s Wholesale was once located.
  • Pizza Hut is opening a carry-out store in town.
  • A gun manufacturer is setting up a factory in the soon to be vacated R.R. Donnelly building.

As a public service CGS made a trip to town this morning for the sole purpose of running down the truth about some of these claims. Here’s what our rumor control department has learned:

  • Rosie’s has been purchased and is scheduled to be torn down and a parking lot and green space is planned.
  • There is interest in the old hotel but I couldn’t confirm anything else.
  • No confirmation on a bowling alley.
  • There is interest and a possibility that Rancher’s will come to town but nothing beyond that.
  • There is a new surplus food grocery on US 753 where the Hixon Oil bulk plant was located. It is called A&L Grocery. It opened on May 1 and they are building up their inventory. I stopped in and left with a large bag of goodies for less than $4. They should do well.
  • Subway is giving up their lease and has purchased the old Farmer’s Wholesale lot. They have architectural drawings for a new building to be located there and hope to be opened by November of this year.
  • The Movie Gallery building next to Community Market is being renovated and Pizza Hut is opening up a carry-out store there. They will occupy about a third of the building’s space. Projected opening is sometime in June.
  • I had not heard of a gun factory coming to town until this morning. The story supposedly started with a current employee of Donnelly. There is absolutely NO confirmation and that remains just a rumor.

Well, there you have it as best we can determine. Quickly now, run to your fence and share this with your neighbors. I doubt people talk over the fence anymore. Today they have cyber fences such as Facebook and Twitter. 

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