A Day for Everything, Even Orgasms

Somewhere there is a calendar showing all the things being celebrated or honored on any given day. My friend Norman Gingerich one wrote on his classroom’s black board, National Procrastination Day. One of his students asked what procrastination meant and Norm said, “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Anyway, today, July 31, may be set aside for honoring many things but one is, National orgasm Day. That’s correct, even the orgasm rates its own day of recognition. No one should be surprised, however, since there are few thing more popular among we humans than the occasional good orgasm.

So to celebrate the day, and just in case you’re not up to having your own orgasm, here’s a link to the best ten orgasms in film history. Simply click HERE. Rest assured that there will be a clip of the,”I’ll have what she’s having,” scene.

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