Random Question: The Look on Your Face

Picture there is a Styrofoam cup with a lid and a straw sticking out of it. It is sitting on the stand next to your recliner. Now picture yourself sitting back in your recliner with a laptop computer on your lap and you’re catching up on all the Facebook postings. Without thinking you reach for the Styrofoam cup, put the straw between your lips and take a big swig. You were fully expecting your tongue to be bathed in the icy sweetness of the cola that usually inhabits a Styrofoam cup. But instead, your mouth fills with the semi-warm and not very sweet beer you smuggled out of the Mexican restaurant you ate in that evening. Question is; how would you describe the look on your face at that instant?

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Tom Brackett
Tom Brackett

After reading your “Youthful Summers Along Paint Creek” it occurred to me that the boys in Leesburg during that time period experienced much the same thing. Most of us learned to swim in Lees Creek down at the ball park along route 28, or at the bottom of Creek (Crick) Street behind the Crabtree boy’s house. Another favorite spot was East Monroe Falls along Rattlesnake Creek. It truly was, and I imagine still is, one of Nature’s beautiful places. After a long day baling hay we used to grab our clean clothes, a bar of Ivory Soap (it floats) and… Read more »