Brothels, Bootleggers & Booze

Larry 'n NassauI get a bi-weekly email focusing on what’s new in Cincinnati. The most recent issue contains an item about a local tour company adding a tour called, Brothels, Bootleggers and Booze. It got me asking if Greenfield could support such a tour.

If you know any Greenfield History you may know that we’ve had a little of each in our community’s past. Back in the 1950s there were lots of bars* in town, including several neighborhood establishments. Today a flourishing tavern in Greenfield almost a thing for history’s pages.

Back when blue laws made Sunday sales of alcohol illegal we did have at least one bootlegger. There was a house at the East end of town where a person could acquire a pint of liquor on Sunday. I think the owner simply stocked up during the week at the state liquor store and reaped a profit on Sunday.

I don’t recall a brothel in Greenfield but word on the street is that the original Greenfield Municipal Hospital building provided sleeping space and “other” services for railroad workers. Another word on the street back in the 1950s was that brothel services could be found in New Vienna. There was a house along SR28 that had a very bright light in the front window and everyone said it what a house of ill repute. Of course, it could have been just a place where someone who loved red lived.

Maybe this is something the historical society should take a look at. They already have their Halloween cemetery Ghost Walk and the Christmas Tour of Homes.

*Here’s a link to a brief historical summary of Greenfield’s bars and taverns that I published back in 2007. Click HERE.

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