Has He No Shame?

Larry 'n NassauOne test of where you’ve had your head lately is how much you know about the mayor of San Diego. I’m assuming you haven’t had your head up your ass and know that this piece of human slime is scheduled to return to work this morning after a “intensive” two week recovery program for sexual creepiness.

During the two weeks mayor Demento’s been getting healed even more women have come forward with their own stories of feeling icky around this heel. There’s also been a recall campaign mounted to get the mayor removed from office. In the meantime this guy is going to show up this morning, walk into his offices with the hugely bizarre full-teeth smile of his, and announce himself fully recovered and ready to serve his constituents. At least those who are female and willing to work without panties.

I can only look at this from my perspective and I just can’t imagine how large one’s ego (or gonads) must be to permit showing one’s face in public after such a thing. How could someone with a conscience not immediately submit their resignation followed by seeking anonymity in the trunk of a hollow tree.

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