Hitting the Lottery

Larry 'n NassauJust read that a group (pool) of sixteen New Jersey public employees are holding a Power Ball ticket entitling them to one-third of a $448 million jackpot. I’ve never shown much interest in playing any of the lottery games but when I was teaching and the jackpot would get into the millions, someone in the teacher’s lounge would usually suggest we all chip in and buy some tickets.

Once the tickets were purchased we’d do what’s probably done all over America at such times, spend the days before the drawing discussing how we were going to spend our shares of the winnings.

The great joy was discussing this in a serious manner while our principal was present. We all knew what the odds were but we’d go on and on about quitting our jobs and not showing up the day after our winning number was drawn. If we got lucky he’d begin expressing concern that we just might win and he’d be faced with having to find a warm body to cover our classrooms. I loved it when he would ask, “You guys wouldn’t really quit, would you?”

Each of these sixteen blue-collar folks will receive something less than $4 million, enough to significantly alter their lifestyles. I just hope the changes they experience are all positive.

Have you ever seriously considered what you’d do if you hit the big one? Take our poll share your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Hitting the Lottery”

  1. Janet and I have discussed this and decided that if such a thing ever happened we’d pay off all the debts of our children/grandchildren, buy a few toys for ourselves, and then, in the fashion of Dr. Wilfred Konneker, establish as many full-ride scholarships for McClain grads as possible.

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