Kelly Schradin; A Favorite Foodie

Cook, gardener, preserver, teacher and blogger; Kelly Schradin.
Cook, gardener, preserver, teacher and blogger; Kelly Schradin.

Kelly Schradin hails from Leesburg, resides near New Vienna, and teaches biology at Southern State Community College. Although we’ve never formally met I’ve come to know a lot about her love of gardening, canning, cooking and most things food related. Our paths crossed in a Facebook group called What’s for Supper and seeing a photo of what she’s prepared for supper each evening gives me reason to sit down at my computer each evening. I know Kelly has lots of fans but none are more loyal than my wife and I. We’ve even offered her free room and board if she’d come live with us and do our cooking.

Between teaching and doing all the things she loves, Kelly also maintains a blog that focuses on her interest. After discovering it I decided I had to create a link and help share her talents and creations with as many of the world’s foodies as possible. Her site, GrowCookPreserve, can be visited by clicking HERE.

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