The Sustainable Big Mac

Larry 'n NassauSupper at The Jetsons was a robotic maid pushing a few buttons and out popped a ready to eat meal. Possibly we’ve taken another step in that direction, the world’s first test tube hamburger. Actually there isn’t too much new about this, McDonald’s has been selling laboratory meat for years. They call it the McRib. Check out this brief story and video from BBC News.

Where’s the beef?  

“In this case, “it tastes like meat” counts as a ringing endorsement. Food critics sat down to taste the world’s first lab-grown burger and concluded that it’s a little bland, very lean, but tastes like a burger. “This is meat to me,” said Austrian critic Hanni Ruetzer. The burger is an attempt by researchers to find a more sustainable way to meet the growing demand for meat. Scientists from the Netherlands’s Maastricht University, with funding from Google’s Sergey Brin, took stem cells from a cow and turned them into strips of muscle and then combined them into a patty. But if it’s going to be the food of the future, the price will have to come down: this one cost $300,000.”


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