Designing Greenfield, Ohio on Facebook

greenfield ohio on state mapFor several weeks now there have been several threads of discussion on Facebook about the current status and future of Greenfield. Many of these have been offshoots of things proposed on this site and then transferred to Facebook.

Recently a new voice has entered the discussion. Doug Karnes is a graduate of McClain High School, currently living in Louisville, KY. Doug is a practicing architect with years of experience in development projects. Last Friday he came home to meet with Greenfield’s safety service director, Ron Coffee about his doing a study of Greenfield’s condition and presenting some factual information upon which future long-term planning can be based.

To help him gather information and give the community yet another forum to voice their ideas, Doug has created a Facebook group called, Designing Greenfield, Ohio. I don’t think you need be a Facebook member to view the site but it is required to take part in the comments.

On a personal note I want to add that this isn’t a forum for reminiscing about the past. To the contrary, it is a forum for people who have ideas about our future.

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