GOP Loses the House?

Larry 'n NassauCould this be a headline in November of 2014, “GOP Loses the House of Representatives?” I wrote that sentence based on having read this real headline today, “Shutdown Aversion: Republicans may have just lost the House.” While attempting to be as non-partisan as I can I’m going to suggest such a thing would be a great thing for what ails the American political system.

If the Republican party were to lose control of both houses of congress a year from now it might just be what is needed for the moderates and liberals in the GOP to declare enough is enough and take back control from the Tea Party extremists who have kidnapped it. Maybe the only way for the party to become the party of our grandfathers is for it to have to completely rebuild itself from the ashes of overwhelming defeat.

Hopefully both parties would come to realize that the majority of American voters simply no longer tolerate politics as usual.

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