Pop-Up an Empty Storefront

This idea was posted on Facebook and I thought it worthy of sharing. The concept is having “pop-up” (short term) events in a vacant storefront. In my scenario here’s how it would work. I own a vacant storefront and I want to get some rent money out of it. So I spend a couple hundred dollars on 3/4″ plywood and build a series of boxes containing various dividers. All of them are small enough to fit through the front door of any storefront and can be arranged in infinite ways and used for many purposes. They can be configured into a stage, used as display shelves, used as a table or for seating, etc.

I then begin looking around for people and groups in need of temporary space to stage a pop-up event such as a play, musical presentation, arts show, instructional classes, food event, retail store, office space, game room, etc. They rent my room for however long they need it, they rent my modules if needed, they rent my chairs if needed, and my investment begins bringing in some cash and not sitting empty and ugly.

I’ve included a short video that somewhat explains the concept but I suggest you visit the MILES site and look at their drawings for a deeper understanding.

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  1. I was approached by the owner of several Greenfield storefronts today and was told he really liked this pop-up concept. Hopefully, he’ll give some serious consideration and give it a try.

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