Random Question: What’s the Deal?

Larry 'n NassauSome years ago I was waiting table at a restaurant in Greenfield and a lady sales representative, who was in the area for a few days, had lunch with us several times. Maybe on the second day, as she was paying her bill, she said to me, “What’s with all the lighted Christmas trees on people’s porches in the middle of summer?” Well, I really didn’t have an answer and to this day it remains a mystery.

On October 2nd I was coming home after dark and within seven miles observed four homes with that appeared to be displaying Christmas decorations. One had several ornamental cedar trees that were wrapped with multi-colored strings of lights. At the same time I only saw one Halloween decoration, a large lighted pumpkin in the front yard of a farmhouse.

So, I just gotta’ ask, what’s the deal with all this Christmas stuff in October? Did someone set the seasons on their heads?

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