Reprise: Greenfield Bar Trivia, 2007

With the demolition of the buildings at the corner of Mirabeau and South Washington Streets there has been some Facebook discussion of Greenfield’s bars. Back in 2007 I posted a trivia question at and got these responses. Essentially it is a list of our tavern history within living memory.

The question was posed, “do you recall any of the taverns, bars, inns, dives, beer joints, honky-tonks, etc. from Greenfield’s past and present?” The following are the responses. It is worth noting that this is one of the most heaviest responses we have ever received to a trivia question. I can only assume the heavy turnout is somehow related to the community’s heavy consumption of spirituous fermenti.

Through the door comes Fred Raike with this info…

Larry— Phil Post was correct. There was a bar across form the door of the Shoe Factory on McClain Ave.  I think it was run by a couple by the name of Perry. Memory has a way of distorting things, so I am not certain. Also, when Jim Wise opened his first bar, it was called the Rendezvous.  Later, Wilson’s Rendezvous, and finally Furman’s. I’m going to add…

1. The Mini Bar which evolved from the Sportsman’s Steakhouse

John Countryman’s contributions are…

  1. Jimmy’s Rendezvous (now Furman’s) originally owned by Jim and Marion Wise
  2. Sportsman’s Steakhouse which was built by Jim and Marion Wise
  3. Jim and Alma’s which was earlier Doc’s Place and Stewart’s

Joe Chapman from North Carolina enters the game with…

  1. Greenfield Lanes (the bowling alley)
  2. The Elks Lodge
  3. The Eagles Lodge
  4. And for the underage crowd of that time, Knisley’s Carryout

Mike Stone offers.

  1. Carl’s Pizza in the alley behind the old Sundry Store.

Tim Pence comes through with these two gems from the past.

  1. The White House located at the “Y” where SR 28 and Centerfield Rd. meet.
  2. The Sportsman Steakhouse north of the town on SR 41. Founded by Jimmy Wise.

Phil Post offers this one but I think he may be thinking about Furman’s (Which was originally called?).

  1. McClain Ave. across from the McClain entrance to the shoe factory.

The list of former town taverns continues to row. Jim Fenner jumped in with these two.

  1. Jeff’s Place (located next to Stewart’s it was basically a beer bar with peanut shells on the floor and taco night on Fridays)
  2. The Logger’s Lair (located on Jefferson Street near The Letter Shop)

Got another email about Greenfield’s former drinking establishments, this time from Dave Miley. Here’s Dave’s input.

  1. Cowgill’s (also known as Freddie’s, Carl’s, MacArthur Inn or Mary Lee’s, it was located at the East end of South Street)
  2. Ade’s Place (also known as Whitey’s or Gary’s and was located in the row of buildings that was east of the post office and occupied today by McDonald’s)
  3. The Diamond Grill (I tended bar in there in 1964 for $1 and hour. I met lots of good people and learned that I never wanted to spend my life tending bar.)
  4. The Village Pump (which at one time was known as Dorsey’s and located next to the police station where the Hallmark store is now located)
  5. Doc’s was also known later as Stewart’s and Rosie’s.
  6. The Pad Cafe on the corner of S. Washington and Summerfield and was owned by Bill Rooks.
  7. The Huddle which was located in the old pad factory cafeteria building and was owned by Carl Manley.
  8. “From what I’ve been told, there was a bar somewhere near where Norton’s Seed Company was, called the Silver Front and one across the street from the Wilk-Net building, called the Barn.”
  9. The Greenfield Bowling Alley

Regarding the trivia question I posed regarding all the drinking establishments that once existed in Greenfield, I received the following response from Don Mowery.1. Doc’s Place (located on South Washington St. near the Lyric Theatre and the Elliot Hotel)2. Club 28 (once owned by Paul Angel and where Johnny Paycheck got his start, it was located on West Jefferson next to the original Uhl’s Market)3. Buck and Red’s (across the alley from the Post Office but Don was not sure if it was a card room, a bar, or both)

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