Super Circus & Mary Hartline

Mary Hartline, 1952
Mary Hartline, 1952

If you grew up during the early days of television you may recall a program named Super Circus. It was one of several shows that were required watching for the kids in my neighborhood. The character I remember the most is Mary Hartline, a beautiful blonde lady adorned in sequins. It wasn’t Hartline’s beauty or talent that I recall, it’s that one of the neighborhood girls idolized Mary Hartline and was often seen wearing a red sequined outfit with a white heart and the words “Mary Hartline on the bodice.

I saw my neighborhood friend this morning and the memory came back. So when I got home I did a search and found the following video clip of Super Circus and featuring Mary Hartline.

By the way, at age 87 Mary Hartline is still strutting her stuff. She resides in her hometown of Hillsboro, IL.

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