WWII Memories of Bill Collins

BillCollins2004 marked the 60th Anniversary of  D Day, the Allied invasion of France. A group of Greenfield WWII veterans were assembled at that time and honored for their service to the war effort. One of those men was Bill Collins and before he passed on, Bill loaned me a copy of his World War II memoirs. I copied and published them on my website in a section called, Your Story. His is one of several stories I collected from WWII veterans and decided they should be shared once again in honor of our Greatest Generation. Earlier I published a story about Jim Mossberger and today, it’s Bill’s turn to be heard once more.

There are six pages to Bill’s story and rather than copy and paste them to this site I’m simply going to give you a link for the first page and you can take it from there. If you find any of the links aren’t working correctly please let me know.

Click HERE for Page 1 of Bill Collins’ “My Story.”

NOTE: If you have problems with Page 6 click HERE.

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