10 Things You Need to Consider

Before any of you call me a communist I would appreciate it if you’d spend some time learning what communism is. I am not, nor ever been, a communist. I know what it is, I know every attempt at it has resulted in a failed state, and I would never want America to abandon capitalism for communism. But, capitalism is also not a perfect economic system, especially if one wants to live in something less than a dog-eat-dog society. Unfettered or unbridled capitalism can be just as harmful to people as communism. In recent decades this nation has rapidly deregulated its economy and the results have been catastrophic for the middle and lower classes. Just take some time to watch the following ten videos and see for yourself what is happening in this nation. While I will defend a person’s right to get ahead I will also argue that there is a point of excess that is abhorrent.

There is nothing wrong with government playing the role of a regulator. There is enough wealth in America for the rich to continue being rich and working people to be paid a meaningful wage.

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