A Silver Lining; by Tracy Tomlinson

Tracy Tomlinson
Tracy Tomlinson

It is said that every disaster also provides new opportunities…behind every cloud is a silver lining. As impossible as it sounds sometimes, it is true! I’ve done some research on the effects of the death of some major industrial centers in the US. The devastation is visible everywhere in places like Detroit and Flint Michigan. Whole neighborhoods empty, save for a single family or handful of people who are too stubborn to leave or cannot leave for any number of reasons. It is horrible to see as these areas die for lack of new blood to revitalize them. And there lies the silver lining!

I see opportunities for young families that may already be part of the unemployed or on social assistance who, if willing to be a little more mobile could own a home and save their states money. I know the areas are not the most desirable and many have crime problems…but the cure is to bring life back to slay the dragons of despair. I see homes offered for 1$ a square foot! Two bedroom homes, yes very old but serviceable or repairable enough for very little money, and mortgage payments, including taxes, of $10 a month. That beats a tent or homeless shelter.

With proper police presence and community planning these areas are a golden opportunity for so many to get a real chance for a start at unprecedented low prices. A little vision, a willingness to sacrifice, and being willing to move could be part of a new beginning for so many in paces that need the boost!

NOTE: Tracy Tomlinson is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. We have become friends via Facebook and I find him to be very knowledgeable about conditions in both Canada and America. I frequently turn to him for insight into what others think of us Yanks!

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