SSCC announces honors lists for fall semester 2013

SSCC LogoSouthern State Community College has released its president’s and dean’s list for academic excellence for Spring Semester 2013. To be eligible for the president’s list, a student must maintain a 4.0 grade point average while carrying a specific number of academic credit hours. Those who achieve the dean’s list are full-time students who have earned at least a 3.5 grade point average out of a possible 4.0.

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Named to the President’s List from Adams County are Jacob Ashton of Seaman, Melissa Ashton of Seaman, Kayla Baker of Winchester, Rodney Bowman of Winchester, Tyler Brummett of West Union, Matthew Carter of Manchester, Laura Case of Peebles, Chelsea Davis of Manchester, Amber Grooms of West Union, Theressa Mangus of West Union, Emily McCarty of West Union, Robert McCormick of Winchester, Caleb McDowell of Seaman, Cornella Miller of Lynx, Haylee Pell of West Union, Heather Reed of Peebles, Brandon Schumacher of Manchester, Katie Schwamberger of Peebles, Peggy Shumaker of Winchester, Ta’Keyah Stevens of Winchester, Baylee Tolle of Winchester, Robert Welch of West Union, and Joshua Wheeler of Peebles.

Named to the Dean’s List from Adams County are Brandon Alexander of Winchester, Alicia Allen of West Union, Brent Anderson of Winchester, Christopher Ashton of Seaman, Sara Baldwin of West Union, Kirsten Bowman of Winchester, Leslie Carrier of West Union, Charles Carter of Peebles, Heather Green of Peebles, Jessica Grissett of Stout, Carla Grooms of Lynx, Ryan Grooms of Winchester, Glenna Hackworth of Peebles, Mackenzie Harover of West Union, Jonathan Harper of Winchester, Elizabeth Havens of West Union, Tiffany Hayslip of West Union, Joshua Jarvis of West Union, Megan Jones of Winchester, Karson Kendall of Winchester, Kristopher King of Winchester, Trinity King of Winchester, Rachel Laxton of Peebles, Mia Morgan of West Union, Winston Queen of Manchester, Colin Ryan of Seaman, Tristan Schumacher of Manchester, Robert Scott of West Union, Kevin Smart of Seaman, Rebeca Valle of Blue Creek, Suzanne Valle of Blue Creek, David Williams of Peebles, and Veronica Young of Seaman.


Named to the President’s List from Brown County are Jordan Dawson of Georgetown, Brenda Eldridge of Mt Orab, Michelle Feldhaus of Fayetteville, Traci Gardner of Sardinia, Allison Gast of Russellville, Hannah Gray of Sardinia, Megan Ham of Mt Orab, Jacob Handra of Sardinia, Daniel Jean-Claude of Sardinia, Starr Lewis of Mt Orab, Julie Louderback of Sardinia, Ethan Mullins of Winchester, Sarah Newman of Hamersville, Abigail Troutman of Sardinia, Korey Whitsett of Georgetown, Lawrence Wolf of Fayetteville, and Eli Woollard of Russellville.

Named to the Dean’s List from Brown County are Emily Barber of Williamsburg, Brittany Brinson of Sardinia, Savannah Copas of Lake Waynoka, Kasey Fitzpatrick of Fayetteville, Mary Hauke of Ripley, Abigail Hoskins of Fayetteville, Brittany Johnson of Georgetown, Kaela Lacey of Russellville, Joshua Latham of Georgetown, Erin Luke of Sardinia, Gabrielle Mason of Georgetown, Jennifer Palazzolo of Sardinia, Jessica Puckett of Winchester, Foster Simpson of Sardinia, Sarah Simpson of Russellville, Debra Smith of Mt. Orab, Eric Stansberry of Georgetown, and Amber Sullivan of Russellville


Named to the President’s List from Clermont County are Lonnie Pittman of Loveland, and Nolan Tucker of Amelia. Named to the Dean’s List from Clermont County are Anna Howard of Blanchester, Hannah Keller of Williamsburg, and Jessica Moorhouse of Bethel.


Named to the President’s List from Clinton County are Hannah Anderson of Wilmington, Taylor Blakeman of Wilmington, Michael Coleman of Martinsville, Heidi Critzer of Wilmington, Virginia Ehling of Blanchester, Breana Fair of Sabina, Christine Fuller of Martinsville, Jared Glasgow of Wilmington, Brittney Gray of New Vienna, Samantha Gross of Wilmington, Ally Guljas of Wilmington, Leah Holden of Wilmington, Daniel Lamb of New Vienna, Tami McDaniel of Blanchester, Alexandria Noggle of New Vienna, Melissa Osborn of Wilmington, Kaitlyn Osburn of Sabina, Michael Popson of Midland, Christina Preeson of Martinsville, Christina Price of Blanchester, Kevin Prindle of New Vienna, Jessica Rice of Wilmington, Jacklyn Rowland of Wilmington, Christian Schulte of Wilmington, Bailey Smedley of Clarksville, Leandra Ulmer of Wilmington, Alexandria Vaughan of Wilmington, Jennifer Wall of New Vienna, and Chasity Williams of Wilmington.

Named to the Dean’s List from Clinton County are Michaela Arehart of Wilmington, Charles Barker of Wilmington, Stormi Bledsoe of Wilmington, Christina Bowermaster of Wilmington, Kaitlyn Brewer of Wilmington, Erin Brooker of Wilmington, Lisa Cook of Blanchester, Elizabeth Coonan of Wilmington, Rickey Davis of Blanchester, Logan Eaton of Wilmington, Josseline Gonzalez-Sierra of Wilmington, Skylare Goodwin of Cuba, Austin Gorman of Lynchburg, William Henderson of Wilmington, Dustin Hutchinson of Cuba, Christine Inlow of Wilmington, Brandon Keller of Wilmington, Ngan Kessler of Sabina, Garret Miller of Wilmington, Victoria Olds of Sabina, Daniel Sanders of Wilmington, Emily Shank of Wilmington, Gabrielle Underwood of Blanchester, Anna Wilson of Wilmington, and Amber Wysong of Clarksville.


Named to the President’s List from Fayette County are Jacob Anders of Bloomingburg, Patricia Bills of Washington C.H., Alexa Brown of Washington C.H., Chase Coe of Washington C.H., Sydney Cornwell of Washington C.H., Lucille Forsythe of Washington C.H., Brandon Havens of Washington C.H., Cheryl Kovach of New Holland, Jeremy McCoy of Washington C.H., Carson Miller of Bloomingburg, and Kristi Slavens of Washington C.H.

Named to the Dean’s List from Fayette County are Cinthia Anderson of Washington C.H., Jessica Bellomy of Washington C.H., Denise Bishop-Orso of Mt. Sterling, Levi Burgess of Washington C.H., Dylan Chrisman of Washington C.H., Breanna Coe of Washington C.H., Jacob Cox of Washington C.H., Manuela Dallmayer of Washington C.H., Michelle Dewitt of Washington C.H., Cody Doddroe of Washington C.H., Victoria Dugan of Washington C.H., David Evans of Washington C.H., Martin Graham of Washington C.H., Logan Harvel of Mt. Sterling, Amber Hauck of Washington C.H., Donna Hawkins of Jeffersonville, Ashley Lovett of Washington C.H., Trenton Maag of Washington C.H., Jeffrey Marshall of Jeffersonville, Tammy May of Washington C.H., Micah McConnaughey of Bloomingburg, Cierra McFarland of Washington C.H., Bobbi Miley of Jeffersonville, Joshua Moore of Washington C.H., Mary Mosny of Washington C.H., Lynn Parks of Washington C.H., Tyler Pinkerton of Washington C.H., Jordan Riley of Washington C.H., Brandy Roberts of Washington C.H., Michelle Smith of Greenfield, Nicole Stuckey of Washington C.H., and Tricia Wiseman of Washington C.H.


Named to the President’s List from Greene County are Mendi Baker of Xenia, Erynn Penley of Bowersville, and Sarah Slusher of Xenia. Named to the Dean’s List from Greene County are Kaitlyn Allison of Xenia, and Alanta Wolfe of Jamestown. 


Named to the President’s List from Highland County are Jonathan Abernathy of Hillsboro, Steven Bash of Hillsboro, Amber Boris of New Vienna, Amberlyn Brethauer of Hillsboro, Jonathon Brinker of Hillsboro, Misty Carter of Lynchburg, Salvator Chirico of Hillsboro, Judy Curry of Hillsboro, Megan Davis of Hillsboro, Erin Emery of Hillsboro, Adam Fox of Lynchburg, Jessica Francis of New Vienna, Emily Fryman of Hillsboro, Walter Gallimore of Hillsboro, Kevin Hauke of Hillsboro, Rondon Horton of Greenfield, Christina Jeffery of Hillsboro, Matthew Keaton of Hillsboro, Austin Kidder of Hillsboro, Christina Kiley of Hillsboro, William Lapthorn of Hillsboro, Cassy Lee of Greenfield, Amanda Loftis of Greenfield, Laurie Mahaffey of Hillsboro, Carmen Newman of Hillsboro, Joshua Patrick of Leesburg, Lena Poe of Hillsboro, Kathryn Randolph of Hillsboro, Elizabeth Rumschlag of New Vienna, Roberto Santiago of New Vienna, Curtis Sears of Hillsboro, Vincent Shaw of Hillsboro, Weston Shaw of Hillsboro, Sarah Spidel of Hillsboro, Patricia Walker of Hillsboro, Tara Walker of Greenfield, and Gary Weekes of Hillsboro.

Named to the Dean’s List from Highland County are Jessica Aber of Hillsboro, Brittany Allen of Hillsboro, Stephanie Allen of Lynchburg, Kaela Bilski of Hillsboro, Brandon Bivens of Leesburg, Celeena Bowen of Hillsboro, John Bush of Greenfield, McKenzie Caldwell of Leesburg, Anthony Carson of Hillsboro, William Carter of Hillsboro, Angela Chaney of Hillsboro, Jessica Clark of Hillsboro, Anna Cluxton of Hillsboro, Robert Condo of Hillsboro, Tabatha Davis of Hillsboro, Jacob Dehaas of Mowrystown, Elyssa Eicher of Hillsboro, Kansas Evans of New Vienna, Donna Everhart of Hillsboro, Landi Fenstermacher of Leesburg, Damon Haught of Hillsboro, Seth Hazlett of Greenfield, Brett Helterbrand of Hillsboro, Rachelle Hibbs of Lynchburg, Heidi Hicks of Hillsboro, Katelyn Hollis of Hillsboro, Shawna Hurst of Hillsboro, Zachary Jeter of Hillsboro, Carey Juillerat of Hillsboro, Derek Karnes of Hillsboro, Scarlett Keith of Hillsboro, Jacob Lathram of Lynchburg, Kelly Lay of New Vienna, Brian Maxwell of Winchester, Skylar Mills of Leesburg, Jenna Milstead of Hillsboro, John Moore of Hillsboro, Kayla Morgan of Hillsboro, Cheyney Myers of Hillsboro, Jennifer Nelson of Greenfield, Grace Orr of Greenfield, Remy Page of Bainbridge, Clint Puckett of Hillsboro, Taylor Rammel of Lynchburg, Haley Siggers of Hillsboro, Michael Smith of Winchester, Charles Stewart of Hillsboro, Joci Taylor of Hillsboro, Wyatt Thompson of Leesburg, Karen Tolbert of Greenfield, Wesley Watkins of Greenfield, Sarah White of Hillsboro, Brenda Whitt of Hillsboro, Leslie Wiederhold of Hillsboro, Hannah Yochum of Hillsboro, and Miranda Yoder of Hillsboro.


Named to the President’s List from Pike County is William Tackett of Waverly.


Named to the President’s List from Ross County are Emily Bales of Chillicothe, Cody King of Bainbridge, and Roderick Long of Bainbridge. Named to the Dean’s List are Terri Bowman-Penn of Bainbridge, Mahallie McDonald of Chillicothe, and Jeremy Moore of Frankfort.


Named to the Dean’s List from Scioto County is Michale Banks of Otway.


Named to the President’s List from Warren County are Brittany Baker of Clarksville, Emily Miller of Clarksville, Bridgett O’Neill of Blanchester, Gary Patrick of Lebanon, and Brooke Stingley of Waynesville. Named to the Dean’s List is Jacob Jones of Mason.

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