Followup #1 to drug discussion

heroin-gearAs a follow up to a previous article about the growing drug related explosion in America’s prison population here’s a couple of things that have come to my attention:

  1. A reader sent a link to a New York Times article about the heroin problem in Rutland, Vermont. Since heroin is a major drug of abuse the article could have implications to most communities American communities.
  2. A lot of people on want to rant on and talk about how horrible the drug situation is but very few are willing to actually get involved. Recently a group organized in Greenfield to try finding answers. Pretty much it is three people sitting in a room once a week waiting for others to come join them.
  3. There have been a couple of reader comments at the end of my original article and also
  4. several made on Facebook. Here’s examples from Facebook.

1. Well I realize I no longer live in Ohio but being from there and still call it home, would like to put in my two cents on this matter.. I live in a state where Medical Marijuana has been legalized..I agree with it and encourage it, especially when people have

cancer and can not eat due to treatments.. I have seen where this drug is beneficial.. For those who can not take the pain pills to treat things, marijuana is also a avenue that is beneficial.. Today we see so many drugs that the doctors give out that are harmful over long periods.. Marijuana has not nearly had the side effects of long use that many of these legal medications have… I personally am glad it has been legalized, and think the stigma is overblown.. I have yet to see anyone killing anyone, or overdosing while on this drug.. With that being said I do have reservations about the younger group driving while on this, just like with alcohol.. We will not be able to control everything, education is key, but not a guarantee. Do I think other drugs should be legalized like cocaine, heroin, crack, among others? NO their is no medical benefits from these drugs and are destructive.. for me I would beg to ask that question first. Is the drug productive in assisting someone’s medical issues ? Or is this drug destructive to the person and persons around them.. Honestly I have never seen anyone who is “stoned” that was aggressive or destructive.. When those things have happened other drugs have been involved or lased into it.. The regulations are such that it is a lot safer as I understand it..

2. I learned a real good trick …I don’t watch or listen to the news.

Additionally, the FDC just yesterday gave approval for a new super opiate pain killer called Zohydro. It is an extremely powerful long-term opiate that is being sold without any steps to make it resistant to abuse and it’s critics claim that Zohydro will result in almost instant deaths from overdose as soon as it reaches the streets.

Let the discussion continue.

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