Hershey, PA

Just noticed that one of my Facebook friends is on a trip out East and stopped for a visit at Hershey’s Chocolate World. We visited there several years ago with the grandkids and while they had a blast it was somewhat of a disappointment for me.

hershey barThe reason being, I was there in the early 1970s when visitors were actually given a tour through the entire Hershey Chocolate factory. You got to witness the entire process of making chocolate from raw beans to the molding of millions of Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars and

the mechanical wrapping of even more millions of Hershey Kisses. At the end of each wrapping machine sat typically large, middle-aged, women checking that every Kiss was wrapped in its foil wrapper and the Hershey tag inserted properly.

Matter of fact, if one noticed anything in Hershey, PA it was the every present aroma of chocolate, the streetlights shaped like Kisses, and that the majority of the company’s employees were a little on the plump side. I decided just working and living there added pounds to the hips by some combination of proximity and osmosis.

Time changes all and I’m sure corporate Hershey figured out that turning the factory tour into a huge store filled with reasons to buy your kids bags of product was far less costly and far more profitable.

Plus, visitors aren’t constantly reminded of the consequences of eating all that sweet goodness.

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