Hey History Channel, gotcha!

five star gen badgeWhile watching the recent History Channel series, The World Wars, I noticed their General Douglas MacArthur running around the tunnels of Corregidor wearing his five-star General of the Army badge. It didn’t seem correct that MacArthur would have had that rank so early in his career so I Googled it. The act authorizing a fifth star wasn’t passed by Congress until December, 1944 and MacArthur fled the Philippines in April, 1942. So take that History Channel! 

To their credit however, they placed the two world wars in a perspective that agrees with my own, that they were not separate events. The manner in which the first ended guaranteed the second would begin.

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  1. Now you have me reading about WWI…what points of the end of the war do you believe paved the way for WWII? Sorry if you have already covered this before. Seems to me, from a few minutes on Wikipedia, that the war only ended due to internal revolutions flaring up inside the the Central Powers that made it nearly impossible to continue fighting against the allies and the revolution. It seems to me that they were left to handle their internal affairs and rise again from where they left off, but only stronger and with popular support from their people after much propaganda. WWII seemed to end much differently due the widespread destruction due to advanced technology, so the Marshall Plan helped endear the peoples of Europe to America after it was over. Those that would accept the money that is. WWI also left us with the Israeli state which we are still coping with and fighting battles over and it seemed to stem from a distrust by Britain of America’s future allegiance with German Jews. Anyway, that’s what I get from a few minutes online anyway. Get out your red marker to correct me where needed…

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