Blind Lemon, “One kind favor…”

My family has a rotating reunion every two-years and this year it was in Wortham, Texas. Wortham is a small town in Central Texas a whatever else it is known for it is world-renowned for being the birthplace of a father of the blues, Blind “Lemon” Jefferson. Jefferson was busking on the streets of many American cities during the 1920s and had a fairly successful recording contract with Paramount Records. Several of his songs have become standards and covered by many later artist. Matchbox Blues was voted by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to be one of the 500 songs that shaped the rock genre. In 2008 B.B. King released an album titled One Kind Favor and featured Jefferson’s song, See that my grave is kept clean. 

Blind “Lemon” Jefferson died in Chicago in 1929 and his body was returned to Wortham for burial. For many years his grave was unmarked but in 1997 a granite headstone was installed and engraved with the epitaph, “Lord, it’s one kind favor I’ll ask of you, See that my grave is kept clean.” Today  a local Wortham group sees to it.

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