Bummed out on politics

Larry 'n NassauIs it just me or have any of you simply had all the politics you can stand? Others say, and I usually agree, that I’m a political junkie. You’d think with the mid-term elections being so near I’d be more excited and paying attention.

However, it’s the opposite that’s true. Two weeks before election day and I don’t know the name of the Democrat’s candidate for governor. I know the current governor is named Kasich but not sure if I spelled his name correctly, I don’t know who is running for election to the US House of Representatives or any of the state positions. If there are any issues up for consideration I am again, in the dark.

The only political race I know anything about is for Highland County Commissioner. One of my former students, Randy Mustard, is running against some Republican whose name I can’t remember even though I see his yard signs everywhere.

I still keep up with what’s happening on the national and international scene and still occasionally voice my concerns and opinions. But since 2012’s presidential election I’ve pretty much given up the idea that anything I say will have much of an impact. This is mostly due to the ever-increasing degree of blatant ignorance and stupidity I see on the far right.

Hopefully my candle with get relit if moderates in both parties wrest solid control from the extremist who have had way too much influence since 2008. America and the world have far too many serious problems to continue listening to the extreme ideologues who’ve accomplished little but grind problem solving to a stand still.

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