The price of teeth

Couple of years ago I had a root canal done on one of the few molars I have. Went for a cleaning two weeks ago and was told the tooth dental implanthad cracked and is becoming infected. Options are to have it extracted and pretend I can chew meat or, have it extracted and get an implant. I’ve decide to go with the implant in the hope I’ll live long enough to enjoy some more BBQ.

Sitting here reflecting over my dental history I’m wondering just how much money has gone into maintaining my pearlies? In my era dental hygiene wasn’t stressed, rotten teeth were common and dentists didn’t bother too much with fillings. People were poor, didn’t have insurance, and fluoride in the water or toothpaste was something for the future. About every kid I knew had a few black holes in their smile and my brother and I may be the first in our family to leave this world with some of our original teeth. Everyone else ended up keeping theirs in a jar overnight.

This one tooth has had several fillings, a root canal with a crown on top, and now needs removed and replaced with an implant with yet another crown attached to that. Between myself and my insurance company this tooth alone has witnessed at least $9,000 spent on it.

Over all I’d say nature screwed up when designing teeth for the human specie. Why, after all the millenniums of evolution, aren’t we born with titanium chompers?

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