Redemption Highway

Kris Toney owns one of the purest baritone voices I’ve ever heard. Years ago when he was a high school student I asked him if he sang. I redemption highwaycan’t recall his answer but today I was talking with him and was prompted to ask him again. He replied that he did and that he produced a CD of original music.

He offered me a review copy and I’ve been sitting here listening to Kris’s CD titled Redemption Highway. It consists of fifteen songs Kris wrote and performed with friends. He pointed out that the cut Troubled was most meaningful to him and I took the liberty of uploading it to this blog.

I haven’t listened to every title yet and will have to listen several times before getting the full meaning of each. So far, however, my favorite is Mama Told Me. I had no trouble relating to it because like us all I too had a mama and she never failed to tell me. I just too often failed to listen.

Congratulations to Kris and I wish the best for him. Another example of just how rich our community is in talent. Our’s is a deep well.

By the way, Kris’s Redemption Highway may be purchased and downloaded at: Redemption Highway. Price is $7.

Troubled by Kris Toney

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