Reggae Got Soul

reggaeAlthough this isn’t a new release from Playing for Change I’m bettin’ most of you haven’t seen this video. The one musician you may recognize is Taj Mahal who’s become very involved with the PforC movement.

So, pour yourself a strong shot of rum and put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up while enjoying this video. Hell, maybe it will even make you think for a moment you’re not in the midst of winter.

One thought on “Reggae Got Soul”

  1. Larry,
    Great post. Our daughter introduced us to P for C, but we introduced her to Raggae – we lived in Jamaica from 69 to 71 as Raggae was just hitting the world scene. Its a rhythm and style that never grows old. Who knew that my home town would connect you, us, and Jamaica!! Always enjoy your posts.

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