Frequent Conversation

  • “What you doin’ Saturday?”
  • “Don’t know. Probably just another boring night watching TV with the ole man.”
  • “Yeah, never much to do in this town. Watchin’ paint peel is more exiting than anything else goin’ on.”
  • “I should con the ole man into movin’.”


  • Feb 21, Spark & Mother’s Club evening of painting and socializing.
  • Feb 28, G3’s annual Blues, Brews & Stews Winter Festival
  • Mar 3, Quilting classes begin at Spark
  • Mar 9, Spark’s children’s Fairy Garden workshop
  • Mar 17, Spark’s St. Patrick’s Diner at Three Spoons Diner
  • Mar 21, Spark’s Let’s Make a Canjo workshop
  • Apr 18, Spark’s annual Roots in the Field Music Festival
  • Wednesday nights, Open Mic at Catch 22
  • Have a margarita at El Canon Cantina
  • Socialize and watch a game at Furman’s
  • Enjoy a great meal or dessert at Three Spoons Diner
  • Attend a McClain athletic event

There’s nothing to do in this town is the old Greenfield. Are you and the ole man missing the new Greenfield?

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