The Swamp Drivers


Since becoming  involved with cigar box guitars I’ve made a number of contacts in the world of these often weird homemade instruments. One of the newer friendships is with Ted Toscano who is a builder, musician, and member of a blues band named the Swamp Drivers. Ted and the band hail from Utica, New York and we are both members of a Facebook cigar box guitar group.

What caught my eye (and ear) was a short video of Ted demonstrating a one-string instrument he’d fashioned from a common garden hoe. It’s such a good example of just how much music can be had from something so simple. I’m using that video as part of advertising my Canjo Making Workshop with Spark Creative Artspace on Saturday morning, March 21. Here’s that video and another one done by the Swamp Drivers.

Keep in mind that the majority of music you hear on either video comes from non-traditional homemade string and percussion instruments. The drum kit they perform with is made almost entirely of garbage cans and buckets. This is where music began and me being a retired historian probably explains why I enjoy it so much.

More of their music can be heard, and purchased, on their website,

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