Don’t You Think This Technology Thing Done Got Out of Hand

sexual revolution

When American was experiencing its first sexual revolution following the advent of the birth control pill came about I must have been out of the country because I missed it.

When the little blue pill showed up I didn’t need it and before I may have needed it I didn’t care about what it was used for. So, that’s two sexual revolutions I missed.

This past week the FDA announced plans to give approval to a little pink pill that promises to revive sexual drive in the opposite sex. So, it appears that I’m going to be too old and unconcerned for yet another revolution in the bedroom.

And then today. I was perusing a technical website and came across this “Lovely” little toy and it got me scratching both my scrotum and my head. In the words of Waylon Jennings maybe things have done got out of hand. That’s not a pun!

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