Random thoughts about yesterday

random thoughtsYesterday Kentucky Clerk of Courts, Kim Davis, said she wouldn’t resign because she would no longer have a voice. Well Kim, to the perk of having a voice doesn’t come with being a tax paid public employee. The $80,000 a year you are paid is for doing your job and obeying the laws of the land and the orders of the courts. If you want a voice go buy yourself a small 500 watt radio station in Goober’s Knob, KY. Get yourself a Blogger account and ramble on. Or dumpster dive for an old box to stand on while making speeches in front of the Rowan County Courthouse. The one you just resigned from.

Rick Santorum says he doesn’t understand why young people like Bernie Sanders. While I can’t speak for young people I can relate that there a hell of a lot of middle-aged and older people who like the hell out of Bernie and a most frequent positive is his being independent of politics as usual, has having a clear cut platform, his honesty, and his obvious concern for the working person in America.

How about that Pope? The guy cruises the streets of our Nations’s Capital in a tiny Fiat 500 and with a genuine love of humanity, dines with the homeless instead of the power brokers. Humility in a city that knows little of humility.

A local person said that maybe the Pope should not have died with the homeless rather than members of Congress. He related that Jesus broke bread with the sinners so it would have been more Christ like to have eaten in the Senate’s dinning hall with the leadership of both chambers.

Last, and in the running for best news headline of the week, is learning that the HuffingtonPost is covering Donald Trump’s run for the White House in their entertainment section rather in political or national sections.

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