Just sayin’; What’s with this Benghazi obsession?

George W. Bush sent America’s youth and treasure into the sovereign nation of Iraq without reason or direct provocation. His reasons were all proven to be unfounded and in doing so he:

  • Wasted over 4,000 American lives.
  • Created tens of thousands of American casualties.
  • Killed well over a 100,000 civilian Iraqis.
  • Destroyed a nation’s infrastructure.
  • Borrowed enormous amounts of money to pay for a senseless war.
  • Indebted Americans for decades to come.
  • Created a political vacuüm that is laying waste to an entire world region.
  • And instituted a foreign policy that has further tarnished America’s image in the world. We’re even more the big bully on the block.

GW’s actions are also the root of what happened in Libya and led up to the death of those four Americans in Benghazi.

So, my question has to be, why haven’t the Republicans in the house and senate held multitudes of special investigations looking into the wrongs done by Bush like they have with Hillary and Benghazi? A group of terrorists pulled off a surprise assault on an American outpost, four of our people were killed, and the Republicans in congress developed a never-ending wedgie.

How many reports have stated that what happened in Benghazi was not part of some great conspiracy, not due to a failure on the State Department’s efforts, and not a result of what Hillary did or didn’t do? It was just a violent attack and people got killed. Bad shit happens when you set up shop in bad places.

This week Hillary is going to appear in front of yet another congressional committee and have to defend something that was not her’s, or anyone else’s fault. It just happened. And this is going to occur in spite of the second ranking Republican in the house publicly admitting the purpose of these investigations was to weaken Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.

I’m sorry, but for the Republicans in office to waste so much time, spend so much of the public’s money, and continue to ignore the real problems America faces for the sake of political positioning, is indefensible and unforgivable.

And if you don’t think it’s all about politics just do a body count. Four dead in Benghazi and the GOP becomes obsessed. Four thousand dead in Iraq and not a peep!

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