Reflections on Nipplegate

Someone said something earlier about Ms. Trump’s modeling photos and it jarred loose this thought. Remember Nipplegate in 2004? The Super Bowl show in which Janet Jackson’s breast was very briefly exposed to the world? Janet Jackson is an entertainer and dancer who was strutting her stuff all over the world stage in a very hot number with Justin Timberlake.

Well the bare tit lasted a second but the outrage went on for weeks. Conservatives all over American wanted Congress to investigate Jackson’s boob and write laws preventing such things from happening again.

It struck me how ironic and hypocritical the far-right is when it comes to the female form. While a nano second of boob throws them into a titfit they don’t seem to give that same nano second’s concern about the dozens of scantily clad photos of potential first lady, Melania Trump. Photos that can be found in every corner of the Internet.

And speaking of first ladies. Those same hypocrites have often aimed their ire at Michelle Obama for the clothing choices she’s made. Well, I have checked with the fashion editor of Chapman’s General Store and been informed that anything Ms. Obama’s worn in public was appropriate, tasteful, and stylish.

One thing we all know, however, is that conservatives like a good set of racks as much as the liberal they’re standing the required distance from. In California they were called topless bars. Elsewhere they are known as titty bars. In conservative North Carolina they are politely referred to as gentlemen’s clubs. Inside them all the same old product is being sold.

So let’s end this with a little self reflection. Look at these three photos and tell me which stirs your carnal urges the most.

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