Playing the Card

Seems if everyone has a card to play today. Let a woman complain and it’s said she’s playing the female card, African-Americans play the race card, etc. The problem is that too many times those complaining have legitimate gripes but are accused of “playing” the card as a way of undermining or demeaning the complaint.

But on occasion the card really does get played and the player needs called out for it. Take the case of Connie Brown, Democratic member of the US House of Representatives from Florida. Brown, along with her chief of staff Elias Simmons, were recently indicted on 22 counts of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, making false statements, wire fraud, and more.

I’ve read several accounts of the charges against Brown and at this stage it seems they are legitimate. Her innocence or guilt lays in the hands of a judge and jury but today, Connie played the race card. She came out defending the government’s actions by declaring she was being persecuted because she is black.

If she is it wouldn’t be the first time a black person was attacked because of being back. We have a long history of such in America. But Connie Brown isn’t Boo Radley and this isn’t Too Kill a Mocking Bird. These are real criminal charges and they seem to have substance.

While Brown deserves a fair and just trial she does everyone a disservice by playing the race card and thus fueling the arguments of the conservative right-wing whose only complaints they believe valid are their own.

For further details about the Connie Brown case click HERE.

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