Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and a boat load of conservative white people have once again gotten their sphincters twisted into a knot. And once again the issue is their refusal to acknowledge that not all Americans are treated fairly and justly.

Nothing seems to stir their wrath more than seeing blacks and Latinos pouring into the streets of America and demanding what the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution promise and guaranteed them; the right to pursue life, liberty, happiness along with the right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom to redress government if it fails in its duties.

Well, fail in its duties is exactly what’s behind the Black Lives Matter protest. While minorities in America have been discriminated against for centuries we are supposed to be at a period where we’ve stopped that nonsense. For most of my life I’ve witnessed a civil rights movement that promised to move us beyond the sins of our history.

Unfortunately such has not been the case. Conservatives want to claim that since the election of Obama we are in a post-racial era. Even a majority of the Supreme Court has accepted this. The truth is, however, that it just isn’t true. If anything the election of Obama had given rise to the same kinds of hatred I witness in 1957 when it required the US Army to get nine black children seats in an Arkansas school-house.

Just today I listened to a panel of black men discussing the current state of race and racism in America and one stated he didn’t think blacks were any better off then they were in the 1950s. While I don’t agree I do find it alarming that he does. How, after all the equal this and equal that laws can someone still feel as this man. How can this person feel that way and be addressing such on national TV. In the 1950s he would not have been given that voice.

Obviously there are reasons and possibly one of the reasons has to do with every time a Ferguson happens it is expected that blacks just suck it up and stay quiet. Well groups like Black Lives Matter are not going to remain quiet. They are going to exercise their rights and speak out. They are going to exercise their rights and demand change. They are going to do the same as groups before them did and in return got labeled “thugs.”

The dictionary defines thug as being a violent person, especially a criminal. So here are God-fearing American citizens, taking to the public streets to protest the failures of government. Doing what the Constitution says they have a right to do. And instead of being looked upon heroically, as many do the Boston Tea Party raiders, they are accused of and labeled violent criminals. Thugs!

Yeah, I know that too often peaceful protest turn violent. And that some protest begin with violence. But the majority of people don’t take to the streets for transient reasons (look that up in your copy of the Declaration). They take to the streets because otherwise no one will pay attention. And when they still get ignored and labeled as thugs, well, possibly it becomes a case of, thugs you want, thugs you’ll get.

We all know what happened in Dallas and we should also all know and admit that what happened had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. It wasn’t them or the Dallas police who put that murdering sniper in place. That was something entirely different. Yet, what do the conservative political hacks do? Instead of demanding a dialogue they flame the fires with rhetoric and more name calling.

In 1957 the white parents and politicians of Little Rock stood outside the doors of Central High and shouted nigger at those nine children. Today they use the term thugs. But I gotta think that if I were protesting black I’d hear nigger every time I was called a thug.

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