Cyber Life in Bad Fart, Ohio

I’ve written about this several times but once again I have to report that technology wise, life out here in Bad Fart, Ohio isn’t getting better. Internet speed remains dismal and given the ever-growing Amish-Mennonite community surrounding me, the future is grim.

We get Internet via Exede satellite and when all the stars are aligned we might see something north of 12 mbps, which is better than what we got with Hughesnet a couple of years ago. Typically we experience speeds closer to 5 mbps.  However, according to Fortune Magazine the average American has seen an increase of 42% in download speed in the past year and now experiences typical speeds of 55 mbps.

While 55 mbps is blazing compared to what I get it pales in comparison to the 120 mbps speeds some Americans experience. I’ve never been connected to the Internet at anything faster than 20 mbps which makes our normal 5 mbps appear akin to downloading with semaphore flags or tin cans and tight strings.

Same thing remains true with my AT&T 4G-lte mobile service. I’m about equal distance from five cell towers and on the ragged edge of each. In the full foliage of summer there are times we can’t make a phone call let alone spend our data allotment.

What bothers me as much, if not more, as anything is what it cost to be so poorly served. Satellite  ISP is at least double, if not triple, what townies pays for Internet via their phone or cable TV provider.

One of the promises of the Great Recession stimulus program was bring high-speed Internet to rural America. Ohio was one of the states chosen to get “wired” but somehow the wire guys couldn’t find Bad Fart on their maps.

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