Dayton & The Golden Boys

We celebrated our thirty-seventh anniversary back in July but weren’t able to do anything special. Then our daughter called with news about a rock ‘n roll show in Dayton featuring Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell, and Fabian. I asked Janet if she was interested and she was. So, I got decent tickets, made a motel reservation and on the 6th of August we headed north.

The concert was held at the Rose Music Center in Hubert Heights and it is a fantastic venue. It seats about 4200 people, all under a roof, plenty of parking, easy access, good amenities, etc. The only negative was sitting on the east side of the venue. This event began at 7 pm and half way through the setting sun dropped below the

edge of the roof and for about an hour we were blinded. Partly from the sun and partly from the sun’s reflection off a sea of grey haired old people. Our suggestion is if you go there for an early concert, get tickets on the west side so the setting sun will be at your backs.

The music was straight out of the 50s and 60s and consisted of the major hits of each artists plus cover songs of other stars of the era. One highlight for us was when Avalon teamed up with his guitar player Edan Everly, son of Don Everly, for a few of the Everly Brother’s hits.

I really enjoyed Avalon and most of what Rydell did. I never have been a fan of Fabian and that remains the case. Amazing that these three still have their hair and that kind of greaser Philadelphia look.

Being old people we had a late supper at Bob Evans’ with Janet enjoying a cup of chicken-noodle soup and me a cup of ham and bean. Comfort being everything!

The Baymont Inn was a good enough place to lay our heads. The room came with a king size bed and we enjoyed snuggling, talking, and watching some Olympics coverage. About midnight I had to go on an emergency Snickers bar run. By the time I returned to the room Janet was sound asleep. We both had a great sleep and for maybe the first time we didn’t get up until almost checkout time. Very restful experience.

Lunch was a meal at Ruby Tuesdays and the afternoon was spent at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton. This was a great time since we both enjoy animals and the Boonshoft has small zoo of about 100 creatures. If you have young children this would be a great place to visit. Besides the animals and the planetarium shows there are lots of interactive displays geared towards young kids.

One thing of note was what Dayton has done along the downtown portion of the Miami River. A great park and spectacular display of water canons and fountains. Checking that out may be cause for another overnighter!


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