I always wanted a hero’s medal

As the day wore on yesterday I became increasingly pissed about Trump’s being given a veteran’s Purple Heart and his making such a cavalier remark about having always wanted one and it was “so tammy duckwortheasy” getting it. My piss heated up even more on seeing a photo of forever wounded warrior, Tammy Duckworth, laying in a hospital bed, missing both legs, with her Purple Heart pinned to her hospital gown. I think she was quoted as saying to Trump yesterday, that getting a Purple Heart isn’t easy (nor is it meant to be).

medal for assholes
The only medal Trump has earned. Presented him by the Knights of Cornholio.

Then this morning I learn that Trump even lied about the Purple Heart he was given. In his statement he said the giver told him it was not a copy but the real thing. The news today is that the veteran said no such thing, that he told Trump it was a copy. This is a blatant example of using the sacrifice of veterans for political gain and sweetening it up even more with a lie. The good thing is that it’s come back to bite Donald on the ass. A number of veterans groups and military people are now condemning Trump for his actions, especially coupled with his continuously evolving fight with the Muslim Gold Star Kahn family.

I’m guessing that if someone actually does bite him on the ass he’ll put in a claim for a Purple Heart and feel put upon when told his evasion of the draft doesn’t qualify him. Yeah Donald, the system’s rigged! Only those who are willing to risk it all are eligible.

Maybe Donald should consider taking that golden spoon that was sticking out his asshole when he was born and having it made into a medal. The Merite de Trou du Cul D’or.

ADDENDUM: Several days after writing this blog I came across this cartoon from the Sacramento Bee. It’s perfect!

trump dist lying cross

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